Tест для определения уровня английского языка

При заполнении полей не ставьте пробелов в начале и в конце ответа. В некоторых случаях ответом может являться словосочетание, между словами необходимо ставить ОДИН пробел!

Placement Test (взрослое/студенческое отделение)

  • Complete the sentences with one word. Закончите предложения. Example: Are you from Italy?
    1. I usually get up late _______ Sundays.Answer:
    2. 'What's the time?' 'It's half _______ three.'Answer:
    3. A post office is a place _______ you buy stamps.Answer:
    4. How _______ do you do exercise? Every day?Answer:
    5. What _______ you do yesterday afternoon?Answer:
    6. 'Have you finished that report?' 'No, not _______.'Answer:
  • Underline the correct form. Выберите верную форму.Example: My father's doctor/ a doctor.
    1. I don't like get up/ getting up early.Answer:
    2. Please drive careful/ carefully. The weather's bad.Answer:
    3. You can/ should get a new job. Your boss is horrible.Answer:
    4. My brother's most/ more intelligent than me.Answer:
    5. 'I don't want to rent a horror film.' 'Neither/ So do I.'Answer:
    6. She won't/ wouldn't invite him if she didn't want him to come.Answer:
  • Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в нужную форму.Example:She doesn't like (not like) writing postcards
    1. My sister _______(listen) to music at the moment.Answer:
    2. Emma _______(write) him a letter two days ago.Answer:
    3. Happy anniversary! How long _______ you _______(marry)?Answer:
    4. I don't think it _______ rain tomorrow. There aren't any clouds.Answer:
    5. I _______ (sit) in the park when it started raining.Answer:
    6. He couldn't remember where he _______ (park) his car.Answer:
  • Complete the words in the sentences. Закончите слова в предложениях. Записывайте ответ полным словом!Example:I read the newspaper every day
    1. I was late for work because the b_______was late.Answer:
    2. She often t_______ by plane.Answer:
    3. The opposite of tall is s_______.Answer:
    4. I gave my brother a w_______ for his birthday last year. He often loses his money.Answer:
    5. The film was really b_______. I nearly fell asleep.Answer:
    6. He won't be very happy if he f_______ his driving test again.Answer:
  • Complete the sentences with the correct word. Вставьте верное слово.Example:My friend's birthday is on 5th September. in at on
    1. Ann's really_____________. She always gives me presents. mean lazy generousAnswer:
    2. Are you looking_____________to your holiday? for after forwardAnswer:
    3. He came first and________________a great prize. earned did wonAnswer:
    4. The plane made an emergency landing, but______________no one was hurt. immediately luckily suddenlyAnswer:
    5. I look_____________my mother; we have the same eyes and nose. as like toAnswer:
  • Match the words with the same sounds. Подберите слова к звукам.Example: red friend said

    beautiful leave heart skirt juice shirt see arms

    1. tree
    2. shoe
    3. bird
    4. car
  • Choose the correct stressed syllable. Выберите правильный ударный слог.Example: summer
    1. behindbehind
    2. engineerengineerengineer engineer
    3. politicianpoliticianpolitician politician politician
    4. existexist
    5. emailemailemail
    6. butterflybutterflybutterfly
  • Read the passage below and choose the correct word for each space. Прочитайте и выберите верное слово.I am going to a wedding(1)............Saturday. My great friend, Marie, and her fiance, George, are(2)............married. They have known each other(3)............five years, but they have only been going out together a short time. I must say we were all rather(4)............when they announced that they were engaged. The wedding will be in the church near Marie's parent's home and(5)............there will be a party in the Church Hall. There will be almost a hundred(6)............at the party. Besides both(7)............families, all Marie's friends from college will be at the wedding and Marie and George have also(8)............a lot of people from the office where they both(9)............ . The party should be great fun. There will be lots of food and drink. There is also going to be a band. We all expect that it will go on(10)............late in the evening.
    1. lastnextat from
    2. becominghavinggoing getting
    3. afteruntilfor before
    4. pleasesurprisedfriendly interesting
    5. afterwardsyethowever because
    6. visitorsguestsmemebers crowds
    7. coupletheirher his
    8. calleddiscussedmet invited
    9. workemployleft manage
    10. duringafteruntil while
  • Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. Поставьте выделенное слово в нужную форму.THE ABC OF COOKING It's a (1) ............ idea for children to do some cooking at an early age. Generally (2) ............ , most children can't wait to help in the kitchen and love getting involved in the (3) ............ of their meals. They should be (4) ............ to do so, and care should be taken to (5) ............ they enjoy the experience. It is important to show them how to do things (6) ............ but they shouldn't be criticised too much. Although the finished result may not be quite to your (7) ............ , the young cook will undoubtedly find it quite the (8) ............ food he or she has ever eaten.Kitchens can, of course, be (9) ............ places and so the absolute (10) ............ of keeping an eye on children at all times cannot be emphasised too (11) ............ . Sharp knives, for example, should be avoided until children are old enough to handle them safely.
    1. MARVEL
    2. SPEAK
    3. PREPARE
    4. COURAGE
    5. SURE
    6. CORRECT
    7. LIKE
    8. TASTY
    9. DANGER
    11. HEAVY
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